Support the Fight for Ownership Rights

“Reliance on the “first sale” doctrine is also deeply embedded in the practices of booksellers, libraries, museums, and retailers, who have long relied on its protection.”
- Justice Breyer

On March 19, 2013, the Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling in the controversial Kirtsaeng v. Wiley case. The Court’s 6-3 decision affirmed the necessity of the First Sale Doctrine to the economy of the United States, as well as the importance of ownership rights for all Americans.

However, this fight is far from over. The Ownership Rights Initiative is dedicated to the tireless effort of protecting these basic liberties. Whether the next challenge comes from another lawsuit, a push for new legislation, or by any other means, we at ORI will vigorously combat any attempt to strip away these fundamental rights.

We stand for the following principles:

  1. When Americans purchase legitimate goods, they should be able to resell, give away, and use these items in any legal manner they see fit.
  2. Americans need to be free to buy and sell their legitimate goods in a robust and successful marketplace.
  3. Goods manufactured overseas should not have more legal protection than American-made goods.